Is a purely physical practice still Yoga?

A purely physical class is not Yoga..! Asana practice is only a preparatory stage for reaching an unlimited vast experience of higher consciousness.

In order to achieve lasting benefits, a Yoga Practitioner must be able to completely withdraw tension from the body and then the mind which can be achieved through other yogic practices.

For those students who have signed up for our Body and Mind Program, or attended our CAT structured course in 2014, good news..! we have revised our B & M system and we have now :

  1. Body – Critical Alignment Therapy
    We will allocate a teacher specifically to review your spinal alignment and address your concerns from time to time. Your body progress will be guided by our CAT teachers.
  2. Breath – Prana Movement
    We will have a new class soon called Prana Movement which will serve as an entry point for breathing (pranayama} practice.
  3. Mind – Practical Attention System (P.A.S)
    For starter, we have 5 weeks structured mind practice course which open for registration. And after that, you can continue the practice in the weekly meditation class.

In order to ensure our students’ best progress and improvement in yoga path, we shall also invite renowned and experienced guest teachers to conduct talks, workshops, seminars or classes in the above 3 subjects ie Body, Breath and Mind from time to time.