The name CATalist is derived from Greek word catalyst which is defined as substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction. As a person, a CATalist is someone that causes a change.

Journey Within CATalist is someone who is committed to build a better life quality and inspire others to lead a fulfilled quality life starting from the body (using the element of Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT)) and towards the mind.

It happens too often that, when our activities are in alignment with our innermost values we often experience life quality. When they are not, we don’t. We trust that you can instantly improve the quality of your life by looking for simple changes that will enhance the quality of your felt experiences. And we are the experts in building up such activities from simple to complex in order to close the gap between "Here" and your aim "There".

We have just started this program and we are pleased to claim Justlife Group as our first client.

Workplace hazard : Losing our body, stressing our mind

Many agreed that employees are a company’s greatest assets – they are your competitive advantage and backbone of the company. Win or lose, it depends on who are your employees.

Most corporations believe that leave from work is a big problem that results in productivity lost. However, bigger problem corporation fails to acknowledge is presenteeism, where employees are at work but feeling unwell or mentally non-present.

More than decades before, workers are spending a lot of time sitting in front of the computer and moving less. People get tired easily. After meeting demand for work, people feel older and there is fear of taking up new things because the body condition may not be supportive of their activities and seem to support them lesser even in daily lives usual activities such as sitting, standing, walking, travel long distance in car, carrying a child or vacuuming the house carpet because most people are plagued with physical aches and pains.

Every companies and employees start with the premise that one can prosper while contributing to greater good to the society. But most of the time we realised that fat pay check, more paid leave and light workload doesn’t attract quality employees to stay in the company. How many of us are confident that our employees which represent the company’s image will say and do the right thing, express the company’s passion, not be affected by mood swing, have passion in the job, and are able to work without complain.

Our Foresight

It is no secret that companies such as Google, Facebook, Intel and many more have the best company environments people ever worked in. Every company longed for a culture that could attracts top talent and leads to happy employee and it’s no surprise that such company was termed “Forward-Thinking company” because of their wisdom to see the future of strength that keep a company going strong.
How well can one perform if they have pains in the neck, shoulders, back and consistent headache or disturbed with own emotional issues at work or home? Just think about how much of our working day is wasted by lack of focus, stress and general negativity.

Company overview

Journey Within has been offering or over 10 years and consists of a team of teachers who are highly specialised in both :

  1. Critical Alignment Therapy, a therapy for posture improvement and working with people who suffer from strain, pain, and stress from activities of daily lives;
  2. Practical Attention System, a mindfulness technique that highly effective yet simple to apply in daily lives.

Our mission

We would love to introduce to you our CATalist programme, the only corporate wellness program that are two fold structured, seeing from the perspective of the body and mind wellness in the corporate environment.

Journey Within CATalist works within a client’s unique corporate culture to assess their requirements, define a vision, communicate goals, and create a customized and comprehensive, sustainable solution for workplace posture hazard and mental wellness.

The overall goal of our CATalist programme is to help the management and employees:
  • Eliminate body tension and work-related musculoskeletal disorders
  • Gain better posture and provide healthy image in the company
  • Better posture outlook portray confidence and charisma
  • Able to perform activities of daily lives like sitting, standing, walking for a long period of time without stress and strain.
  • encourage inner peace and joy
  • Increase mental focus, clarity, and awareness.
  • Enhance productivity, innovation, creativity and wise communication in the workplace
  • Promoting healthy relationship among co-workers.
  • Encourage success in every arena

Our Product

A few of the services we offer:

- to share with you the interesting topic about our CATalist programme with a no cost, no obligation an hour presentation

  • 3 months wellness programme
  • Posture Assessment
  • Corporate Weekly BodySolution - Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) classes
  • Corporate twice a month MindSolution – non-distraction practice called Practical Attention System (PAT)
  • Ongoing specialised care for employees with current physical and phychological issues.


I feel different in my breathing this morning after I woke up. So refreshing with the oxygen coming in. My back muscle feel a bit sore but I welcome it as a good sign.

My leg is not painful anymore, after today’s session my lower back is very tight and I can’t walk very comfortably, need to sit down often.

Today both of my back spin and feel lighter after this morning

Have been feeling very good after today’s session, more energy sitting straight, feel taller too


Enjoyed yesterday’s session, good reminder to slow down, breathe, increase awareness of surroundings and reflect on what’s important in life, thank you

I am feeling better today, no more pain, thank you very much for all the help!

I sweat a lot and I can feel my sitting posture today is more straight and comfortable - it feels good!