General Spine Care
Using the principles and specialized props developed for Critical Alignment Therapy to learn, feel and experience the therapeutic benefits that accompany re-connecting to the small, slow movement patterns, breaking your habits and creating the awareness of the present moment. This class works to relieve strain and tension in the body by using long holds in therapeutic postures. You will gain a greater sense of body awareness, a release of muscular tension, possible pain reduction, and an improved feeling of physical wellness.

J-Spine Yoga
This class combines the principles and tools of Critical Alignment enhance the connections of the skeleton, build strength and develop deeper body awareness through Yoga posture. It is recommended you have attended some Spine Care classes before attending this class.

Neck & Shoulders
This level will outline the basic principles of the Critical Alignment method and introduce many of the specialized yoga tools used in Critical Alignment, starting with the basic rubber strip. This class will focus on the alignment and function of the upper back, shoulders and neck.

Straight Upper Back
Perfect remedy for kyphosis, a forward rounding of your upper back using the rubber strip and the amazing backbender and headstander.

Lower Back Sufferer
If the back is malformed, such as in a flat, sway or hyperlordosis lower back that cannot be aligned properly anymore, the shape of the local intervertebral disc changes. Example in a flat lower back, the front of the disc get thinner and (together with the nucleus) gets pushed backward as the weight of the body rests on the front of the disc. If the situation continue for years, the intervertebral disc will become chronically distorted causing issues such as herniation, bulging disk, slip disk and other lower back related issues. This class specialised in using the lower back rolls and the Inversion Therapy in headstander, to realigned the lower back into its natural arch so that body weight is position in the center of the intervertebral disk.

Over 50
Never too old for a structural change s. Specially designed for issues such as kyphosis in the upper back, degeneration of disk in the lower back, weakness of the arm and legs.


Perfect Start

This is a great class for beginners! This class moves at a slow to moderate pace and introduces students to the basics of a flow style yoga which will undoubtedly help clear the mind and body of stress and tension.


Core Flow

This dynamic class introduces a variety of postures – sometimes challenging to open stiff areas of the body and to get you moving fluidly with your breath. Develop a greater strength and agility while you find a freedom to your breath and movement.  All levels welcome.



Dance Movement

Enhance your yoga practice with workouts that blend principles of flow yoga and dance. This class explores variety of music combined with dance moves and play. Expect lots of fun time.