Natural and drug-free solution

Shoulder / Neck stiffness and pain
Regular Headaches/Migraines
Frozen shoulders 
Lower back pain
Lower back herniation
Slipped disc
Hip/Knee/Ankle pain
Numbness/Tingling sensation
Sports/Yoga Injuries 
General tiredness and fatigue
Stress-related illness
Poor Posture

Why is CAT relevant to you?

We are all victim of stress and strain, leaving traces of tension in the body. Every bodily activities that follows cannot be free and repetition of body activities with tension in the body overloads the body parts which causes pain and discomfort known as repetitive strain injuries which create blockage in the body. When we experience a block, we naturally compensate in other parts of the boy thereby spreading the local issues to other areas. For example : the stiffness in the upper back produces shoulders that hinge forward and head that move forward. Neck will start to tighten and lower back will start to overextend or compress. That’s how people develop pain in shoulders, neck, in the lower back etc.

Aches and pain is disturbing our quality of life. It is hard to sleep well, affects our focus and concentration, affect our mood and it limit the things we can do.

CAT offer a different approach to health seeing from the perspective of your spine. It is for everyone who had enough of medication, unresolved pain and seeking to take charge of their health. CAT can help you discover what steps you should take now to keep your back in good shape for years to come.

What is C.A.T?

The technique of CAT prevent the body from compensating. CAT is founded by teacher Gert Van Leeuwen after over 40 years of rational experience and research on the human skeleton and anatomical alignment of the body. CAT is a method I which we are able to move from where we are now (which is tensed body that always fight against gravity) to neutral position like when we were little children, that we call “Good Posture”.

Neutral was once our natural posture which anchored us in accordance with the law of gravity in such a way the skeleton held up our body without expanding energy despite the pull of gravity. We know there is so much energy in children. They are never tired. In neutral position, the body weight will be carried in the centre of intervertebral disc when the spine is balance and supported by the skeleton strength.

In Gert’s word “If you don’t feel the body, you cannot give a direction”. All the technique of CAT required usage of props or tools coupled with specific mobilisation and strengthening exercises. CAT aims to bring awareness to the bone level using pressure coming from the props, using breath and gravity to bring mobility in the areas which we don’t move anymore due to stiffness allowing free transport of movement.




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CAT is a functional movement therapy for modern times. It is also an excellent therapy for those recovering from injury or suffering from conditions such as kyphosis, lower back pain, disc degeneration, shoulder and neck pain and muscle imbalances and stiffness. If you simply want to learn how to function better in daily life, this is an ideal therapy.

The basic practice involves the use of specialized props, such as the rubber strip, to relieve muscle stiffness and correct poor posture that may be the source of blocked or limited movement in major joints and limbs. Specific exercises aim to mobilize dull muscles and build postural strength. At the same time, you learn proper body coordination to encourage healthy movement patterns, preventing pain and reducing the risk of injury.

For yoga practitioners, Critical Alignment Yoga offers rich learnings in functional movement through the study of more complex movement chains in yoga postures.





Lily Siew (practicing Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy for more than 3 months)

“I had another fruitful and improved result in the 2nd course signed up. (May 11 – June 29, 2015).. I found the 2nd course was difference from the 1st course and which has “pointed” different zone of my spine.. I would say that hardship is always there but most important thing is NEVER skip classes or give up in whatever reason..

I always remind & discipline myself because i understand Michelle & the team are looking forward to help me. After I attended every classes, I seem taking less “pain killer” because my pain is lessen. For these 8 classes, my body weight has gone down 6kgs and my body water retention level has gone down too..and knee was aligned as well as my thigh muscle.

Now i can sit with both shoulder in balancing posture which previously my left shoulder was always lower with right hip was lifted up. Michelle has studied my posture and “habit” that gave me very useful adjustment / alignment method..”hopes” was given to me & motivated me.”

lily pic


For practicing CAT, you will need the following tools:

Headstand Bench
Rubber Strip
Shoulderstand Block
Felt Mat
Yoga Mat