My secret wish

Some years back when I was still a full time lawyer, I had a secret prayer every night before I sleep . I had always wished that I could find the purpose of my existence. Something more than just being a daughter to my parent, a mother to my future kid or a wife to my husband to be.

Then, Journey Within came into being. I have no idea what it is going to be, never intended Journey Within to be a Yoga Center. I wanted a place to improvise people’s life. It could take place in any form, body, mind or spiritually.

That was my intention, but there was no “way”.

It was in these recent 2 years I found the way that could effectively improve the lives of many people suffering with pain. And it is in the Critical Alignment way.

This is a new recovery story by one of my die-hard CAT fan, Lise.

“I have been experiencing pain in my shoulder blade for about 5 months. The pain was really disturbing on my right shoulder blade. I felt this pain like a knife-stabbed into my back and it has become worsen whenever I sat or laid down. I always had a rounded back.
In March 2015, I attended CAT training, I realized that my pain was due to my bad habitual postures. After the 8-week therapy sessions, I experienced an amazing relief on my back and thereafter my pain was gone and up until now it never returns.
CAT actually helps to cure my pain caused by postural misalignment and to re-align and mobilize my upper part of spine and I feel more freedom in my daily posture now.
And now, my Yoga Asana practice using the CAT alignment principles allows me to relax so much more. I am now introducing the strip exercise to everyone I know whom having the back issues like me.”

I found “the way”, and the rest is history.