Overcoming shoulders hazard using Critical Alignment Therapy

Of late, just in a week, more than five students who suffered from Uneven Shoulders came to our Critical Alignment Therapy classes. They have been everywhere to get the shoulders “fixed” including massage, trigger point therapy, physiotherapy and many other, to me was unheard-of.

Again it was “please help me, fix my posture!”

Gert once said “the obvious unevenness in the shoulder level is only the tip of the iceberg”. The unevenness of the shoulders is manifestation of what lies within the spine. It is critical to understand that the impact of unbalance pressure on the vertebrae of the spine. Due to stress and strain, over years the disc is caught in the network of longstanding tension and it affects the pressure that is distributed throughout the vertebrae. Such uneven pressure on the vertebrae and the intervertebral disc causing what commonly known as “zigzag” condition of the spine.

Since we are born, spine is our centreline and it should remain so throughout the whole period of our life. But when this fascinating structure is off its centreline, it messed up our shoulders, lower back, neck and screwed up our lives.

The CAT approach is pretty logical. When someone with uneven shoulders get on the headstander, the unevenness will reveal itself in the legs leaning to one side. Even though to our view it is obviously unbalance but to the person, it is experienced as “straight”. You need a CA Teacher to examine the spine and ribs and place them in place. That works wonders because the body will search for the correct posture where the weight is exactly at the centreline.