Running for Desk-Bound executives

In the last decade, many have interesting goals to look good when it comes to body workout like

“I want to fit into 1 size smaller dress”

“I want 6 pack belly”

“I want bulging biceps”

“I want thigh gap”

But lately, I have noticed a slight shift, as I am beginning to hear

“I want to cure my back pain”

“I want to get rid of stiffness in the shoulders and neck”

“I want to walk or run without knee pain”

In the course of working with painful students, I have seen many desk-bound warrior who has decided to take up active activities like running to stay actively engaged and build endurance or so they thought but ended up in knee injury.

The first step is important if you are starting an exercise or fitness programme on your own. Running may seem like the easiest activity because everyone can run without specific coaching or anyone to show us how to do it. Going straight into running with without knowledge of your pre-existing spinal misalignment may set us up for further injury.

For example, people who sit for long hours in the office with bulging disk or herniation in the lower back, a common back problem, may end up with more pains in the lower part of the body like lower back, knees and ankle due to tightness in the other compensatory areas of the lower body like hip and sacrum. The improper distribution of body weight translates into knee pain.

Should this person stop running? Not necessary. The desk-bound warrior just need to re-align the lower back arch and develop proper coordination while running.

Our CATalist BodySolution programme using Critical Alignment Therapy is specially designed to allow desk-bound warrior to carry out all activities without pain by keeping our spine and joints healthy.