Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) – 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification Program

“If we profess to be teaching Yoga, which is a science and art of living, we must practice that way of living ourselves. If we wish only to teach poses or postures, it would be better to call what we do by a name other than Yoga”

—Donna Farhi

The Teacher Training Course program designed by Journey Within is intended to provide a strong foundation on Yoga Asanas (Body) and Meditation (Mind) Techniques. It will equip trainees with guiding principles for own personal development and transformation by imparting Yogic wisdom necessary to be a qualified yoga teacher.

Our Yoga TTC program is especially structured to comply with the International Standard of 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program.

In addition to the required standard, apart from Asana teaching skills, the TTC program offers the following 6 additional privileges:-

  1. basic foundation for Yoga Therapy (Critical Alignment Yoga);
  2. special care in approaching Fertility and Pregnancy Yoga;
  3. meditation and the science and art of living of a Yoga Teacher from psychology viewpoints;
  4. Anatomy of breath and practice of yogic breathing exercises
  5. practical teaching at special trainee class for 3 months after the 200 hour course;
  6. free unlimited classes in Journey Within for the period of the 200 hour teacher training course.


“200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program”


The course consists of theory and practice and is designed to be covered over a period of 3 months approximately 200 hours, but can be adjusted to suit the group needs or availability of time.

In this format, tentatively the course will be conducted on weekend basis starting from the first weekend of March 2016 as follows:-

Date : 4th March 2016 – June 2016 (on every Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays).

A break of 2-3 weekends in between the course.


RM7800 (Early bird price RM6900 if registered with payment before 1/1/2016 (fees paid non-refundable)

Fees will include all course materials and the attendance of classes during the 4 months period.


  1. Participants should be in good health and not having any major health problem or ailment;
  2. With prior Yoga and/or Meditation experience.


Our aim in teacher training is to begin with the process of imparting what we have learnt as teachers to others who are enthusiastic and passionate about what we do and on how to be a professional yoga teacher who can teach yoga in a sustainable way.

We would like to have people involved in Yoga teaching in Journey Within who are dedicated, compassionate, creative and professional in their teaching, spreading the real meaning of yoga to all people of different abilities and backgrounds.

In this Journey Within’s teacher training, we wish to equip our teacher trainees with the teaching skills that will enable you to teach and practice safely, professionally and with a secure base in what you are doing. We hope to nurture you on the journey of self-enquiry, deepening your understanding and transformation of self.

We understand that most new teachers are not ready to teach at the end of the training. Therefore, we are dedicated to prepare you to go the extra miles of teaching Yoga by way of providing you a proper environment for you to begin teaching in Journey Within for a period of not less than 3 months in the hope that you will be better prepared to do so when and if you wish to teach. It may take longer time as for some of us, learning takes more time.

While practicing yoga is an art that takes dedication, consistency and teaching yoga requires a far greater level of commitments. We always hold it to be true that teaching yoga requires consistent understanding, passion, compassion, selflessness, enthusiasm and desire to progress in learning.


1) To prepare well trained professionals to teach Yoga to individuals and groups and provide basic advice for the prevention and management of common ailments;

2) To impart the wisdom of Yoga as way of life;

3) To motivate trainees so that they could motivate future students to become a compassionate and wise Yoga practitioners and start working on the path of self transformation and development;

4) To motivate trainees, get them ready and provide an arena to take up teaching Yoga as a profession having full understanding of the philosophical and sustainable attitudinal approach towards Yoga as a spiritual path.


English and Mandarin (depends on trainees’ preference)


The Syllabus & Program were especially designed to comply with the International Standards of 200 Hour (Yoga Alliance, USA) Teacher Training Registered Programs and recognized by more of the international Yoga Association, Union and Alliances.


The TTC will be structured to cover the followings (Subject to slight changes):-


Title Main Topic Total Hours Lead Teacher


Yoga Foundation I.     Ancient Root of Yoga

– History, background and development of   modern Yoga

– introduction and Identify traditional practices

– The Vedas, The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, Tantra, Hatha Yoga

– The Four Path of Yoga (Raja, Jnana, Bhakti, Karma)

– Aim of Yoga Practices, traditionally and in modern days

-Great influence in the development of Yoga

Krishnamacharya, Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois

14 Calvin
II.      Introduction of Patanjali Yoga Sutras

– The Eight Limbs


Holistic Approach I.       Yogic Lifestyle (emotional psychology) 10 Calvin/


II.     Learning attitude and ethics
III.    Observing precepts


Physiology & Anatomy I.       Anatomy 12 Guest Teacher & Mei Leng
II.     System of the human body
III.    Malformations of body postures – Changes in quality of strength and flexibility as  in adult body


Methodology I.       Teacher’s Quality & Ethics 32 Michelle
II.     General guidelines
III.    Application of techniques
IV.    Lesson planning & Class structure
Title Main Topic Total Hours Lead Teacher


Learning Practical Yoga I.     Yoga Asanas & Tools 72 Mei Leng
II.    Breathing practices & Pranayamas Calvin
III.   Surya Namaskara Mei Leng
IV.   Grammar of Yoga (ABC of Yoga) Mei Leng


Meditation I.       Postures in meditation 12 Calvin
II.     Techniques of meditation
III.    Aim and obstacles of meditation


Teaching practices and Evaluation I.       Public Speaking 16 Michelle
II.     Actual teaching practice
III.    Evaluation


Special Care Contradictions, Safety Cautions, First time Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Working With Injuries, Private Classes 24 Mei Leng &



Special programs Assignment & Group Activities 8 Michelle


Lead Teacher – Mei Leng 

Mei Leng teaches a combination of traditional Hatha Flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Her classes are for everyone. She has the natural ability to attract students of all levels to her classes. Since 2005, Mei Leng has received 200 hour training in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga including Yoga philosophy and history. To date Mei Leng has taught more than 20000 hours yoga classes and have been conducting Yoga Teachers training in her own studio for more than 3 years. Mei Leng is also a Critical Alignment Therapy certified teacher and her teaching is very much inspired by Critical Alignment method developed by Gert Van Leeuwen.

She will be leading all the asanas training in this teachers training course.


Michelle Tai 

She is the founder of Journey Within Studio for 8 years and has years of experience in engaging more than 50 yoga teachers of all background, both local and overseas to teach at Journey Within.

She manages the administrative issues and students always feel free to discuss their yoga issues and feedbacks about teachers and share light moments with her when they come for class.  In the years of operating her own studio, she holds the integrity of Yoga teaching as her highest priority.

Michelle is a registered experienced Yoga Alliance instructor, has been practicing yoga for 13 years and has 8 years professional experience teaching yoga to adults of all levels and pregnant students.

Michelle has completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training (TTC) course under guidance of a Malaysian senior yogi, the late Vincent Tam, Kids Yoga Teacher Training and Pre- and Post-Natal Teacher Training. Her areas of specialty are Yoga Therapy in applying Critical Alignment method and pregnancy yoga.

In this training, her focus will be on teaching skills and teachers’ quality and ethics, teachings tools and tips, public speaking and roles of teacher who teaches beyond Asanas.


Calvin Onn 

Calvin is teaching meditation class in Journey Within. He is a student of the Master Degree in counselling psychology, National University of Changhua, Taiwan. He often provides guidance in handling issues that the students may face. Hailing from a demanding legal background he finds solace in teaching and practicing Yoga, Meditations now.

In 2005, apart from learning meditation through his teachers and the collection of more than 3000 copies of books in Lifebrary, he also started practicing meditation in all tradition and background. He is devoted student of Tibetan Master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. He has completed a Mahamudra month long retreat in Minneapolis, USA and a “Tibetan Meditation Skill” retreat in Bodhgaya, India under the guidance of Rinpoche.

He is interested and has taken great commitment in exploring how the Mahayana and Theravada traditions work together, both these 2 major meditation school of thoughts complement and sustain each other in his own personal meditation practices.

Calvin will be leading trainings on Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle, Meditation and holistic approach to life.




The profiles of our Teachers Training graduate 2015.