“I’m too fat”
“I’ll be happy if he changes”
I’m always like that”
“I wonder if she likes me”
“I’ll never be as good as him”
I’ll be in poverty soon”
“I can never afford a gym lifestyle”
“I’m a man, yoga is not for me”
“I’m going to die soon”

And on and on and on …. blah …blah….

Sounds familiar?

Now, I wish to now formerly introduce to you “Your Blah Blah Mind”. Also known as the constant “nagger” in your head, constantly nagging from the moment you were born and throughout your entire life.

Your Blah Blah Mind starts to perform its function from the moment you wake up and throughout the day till you go to sleep at night and will be consistently with you as long as you are alive.

Your Blah Blah Mind interprets your every feeling, sensation and every experience in life. It even shapes your personality by telling you who you are and what you should or shouldn’t do. Every negative and positive feeling comes from your Blah Blah Mind. Your Blah Blah Mind often revisits the past and envisages the future. Your Blah Blah Mind is expert in analyzing relationship and forms concepts between all sorts of connection in your life. Your Blah Blah Mind helps you to make sense in what you see, putting meaning into every experience in your life.

And you, more often than not, ACCEPT EVERYTHING YOUR BLAH BLAH MIND SAYS AS REALITY. That’s why the way your Blah Blah Mind functions and shapes your every experience will determine your perception in life whether you will be happy or unhappy.

Therefore, your level of happiness will go up and down depending on what your Blah Blah Mind tells you. It also dictates how you see the world. It interprets and pollutes every information that comes in right before such information gets to you. In this way, it also shapes your habits and your usual way of seeing things and therefore concludes your view of “the way life is”.

Your Blah Blah Mind is also stubborn and often reacts adversely to changes. For survival, it always makes logical justification among things you perceive to be true, making perfect sense to you within your Blah Blah Mind. If your Blah Blah Mind tells you that “man are untrustworthy”, very often you will come to experience horrible boyfriend, violent husband and intolerable male boss so as to fit into your perception rose by your Blah Blah Mind.

Despite all the misrepresentation, we even take our Blah Blah Mind as our security in life, very unwilling to let it go. We carry it around for security and we trust that it will help us along the way. The more you trust your Blah Blah Mind, the harder it is and often when you enter adulthood, your Blah Blah Mind will be in solid rock-like form. And the more solid it is the more heavy it becomes. As time goes by, just like carrying a rock, it’s going to cause aching and pain spiritually. It’s like a permanent spell on you and you the victim are often ignorant.

By now, hopefully you probably already know or at least sense that you are not your Blah Blah Mind. You are by nature free and peaceful without your Blah Blah Mind playing a part in the real you. Once you understand and aware of your Blah Blah Mind, your Blah Blah Mind will no longer have the power to determine your life. If only you could begin to notice your Blah Blah Mind in action, you will soon realize that you are definitely not your Blah Blah Mind but only it’s surely something else which unknown to you. So whenever this Blah Blah Mind nag again, you won’t take it so seriously.

Take charge of your life.

You begin by “simply aware” of every experience in the present moment giving absolutely no space for your Blah Blah Mind to get in and function. It’s easy, easier than ABC. Just constantly bring your awareness (the key word is “constantly”) to anything that you experience in Here and Now, be it your body movement, sensation, feeling or if nothing arises, bring awareness to your breathing. You do not need to stress yourselves while practicing. Remember that you are “allowing” awareness to happen and not “trying” to be aware.

This way, you could constantly connect to the real you and your Blah Blah Mind will be tamed instantly as you keep on practicing. It does not mean that you will get rid of your Blah Blah Mind (which can never possibly be done) but just allowing you to enter your Blah Blah Mind world by your choice rather than by your habit. Your Blah Blah Mind doesn’t like this practice but who cares. You know who the master of your life is.

Only when you are sick and tired of the power of your Blah Blah Mind over you, you could be ready to let it go. If you still carry your Blah Blah Mind around thinking that it’s jewel of life, you will not have the experience of taking charge and be the master of your own life and wondered how you could be so dumb before this.

Let me conclude your Blah Blah mind with this quote:

“I am your constant companion.

I can be your greatest helper; or your heaviest burden, for I am always with you in your life.

I can propel you to extraordinary success, or drag you down to miserable failure. I can be completely at your command. Most of the things you struggle to do, you might as well turn over me, and I will do them quickly and correctly.

I am the servant of all great man. Those who are great, I have made them great. Those who are failures, I have made them failures. I am not a machine, though I work with the precision of one. You may use me for profit or for ruin – it makes no difference to me.

Take me, accept me, train me, understand me, and I will place the world at your feet. Disregard me, or ignore me, and I will destroy you.

You know who I am. I have been with you forever. I am your best friend, or your worst enemy.

I am your mind.”