Journey Within Studio is a professional studio,  specialized in posture therapy based on the principles of Critical Alignment Therapy/Yoga.

This therapy is an excellent practice to reduce the pain that occurs from repetitive strain injuries, back pain, stiff neck shoulder and general discomfort. It is also a great practice to increase and maintain general physical posture wellness and sports performance.

Critical Alignment technique is taught in all the therapy based-CAT / CAY classes.

We are privileged to host founder Gert Van Leeuwen annually for a series of trainings and workshops, the only one in Asia.

Also available:

* CATalist program for corporate posture and mental wellness* Spinal Care special therapy* Scoliosis Care* Meditation class* General all-levels Yoga classes* Workshop and Retreats* Private lessons for Individual and groups* Phychology and Counselling sessions

We are committed to meet your need in seeking personalised guidance, adapting a healthy physical practice, meditative self-inquiry for chronic conditions, stress care and spiritual growth.